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Get Down to the MiHi Tavern and Support the Local Tradies, Friday 8th December.

Calling all Tradies in Ipswich – there’s a new way to celebrate TOOLS DOWN! Enjoy the Friday knock-off beverages you deserve.

The “Tradie Club” at MiHi Tavern in Brassall, Queensland, is hosting an exciting event on Friday, December 8, 2023, specifically designed to celebrate and reward the hard work of tradespeople.

Event Details – The Tradie Club Ipswich

  • Date: The event is scheduled for Friday, December 8, 2023.
  • Venue: MiHi Tavern, a popular local pub in Brassall, Queensland.
  • Address: 26 Fernvale Rd, Brassall QLD 4305
  • Who’s It For: The event is aimed at tradespeople, all the hard working men and women out there doing the hard yaka, this is our way of acknowledging the hard working tradies of Ipswich and offering them a unique way to unwind and enjoy.

The Perks

  • Sign-Up Voucher: Attendees will receive a $10 voucher upon signing up, termed as ‘Tradie Dollars’.
  • Weekly Vouchers: Every Friday, participants will receive a $10 ‘Tradie Dollar’ voucher.
  • Club BBQ: The event features a weekly Friday Club BBQ at participating venues, providing a communal and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Birthday Bonus: A special $20 birthday bonus is included for members.
  • Merchandise: Free Tradie Club merchandise will be available for participants.

This event offers a perfect blend of relaxation and rewards for tradespeople, making it an ideal gathering for enjoying good times, special perks, and a well-deserved break after a week’s hard work.

More Details at The Tradie Club Queensland or Visit MIHI Tavern Website.

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